1. Nintendo A Cappella

    jake on 2005.04.14
    at 06:37 pm

    Wow, The University of Wisconsin Redefineds’ have brought together two of my loves. Classic Video Games and A Cappella music.

    On Screenhead they pass you through to a video of the group singing a medly of old game music, mostly Nintendo.

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  2. Design Links

    jake on 2005.04.14
    at 03:31 pm

    • //// COLOURlovers — A place to peruse and evaluate colo(u)rs.
    • More Nifty Corners — Use some Javascript along with your CSS to generate rounded corners on specified page elements.
    • Drag and Drop Lists — Gotta love all the fancy Javascript stuff coming out these days.
    • Browser stickies — Some more Javscript dragging wizardry. Since they’re obviously tied to a particular web site, I don’t know if they’re much bigger than a proof of concept.
    • Fixing Intermittent Fusebox 4 “Circuit Not Defined” Errors — I’ve started using Fusebox 4 at work for a couple of internal projects. I came across this problem when trying to put the apps on our server. Took me a while to figure this out. Hopefully this’ll boost their Google ranking.
    • Recover Post — If you use Blogger this is a good thing. I wonder if I could implement some form of it here? I don’t know if it’s totally necessary, but it might be nice for version 1.1, if we ever get there…

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  3. Tiger Prep

    brian on 2005.04.14
    at 01:54 pm

    Box of Mac OS X Get ready for the unleashing of Tiger on Friday April 29th. Check out the list of Tiger’s new features. Purr.

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