1. Community Networks Under Attack

    brian on 2005.06.12
    at 09:54 pm

    A bill just introduced in Congress would take away the right of cities
    and towns across the country to provide citizens with universal,
    low-cost Internet access.

    Giant cable and telephone companies don’t want any competition — which
    might actually force them to offer lower prices, higher speeds and
    service to rural and urban areas.

    U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) — a former telephone company
    executive — has introduced a bill (HR 2726) that would let cable and
    telecom companies shut down municipal and community efforts to offer
    broadband services.

    You can stop this outrageous bill. Send a message to your representative now.

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  2. Summer Mac Projects

    brian on 2005.06.12
    at 06:15 pm

    It’s summer time and that means summer projects! So grab your favorite Mac and head over to this swell collection of Mac OS X how-to’s for cool things to do on your Mac when the the sun is out and you should really be outside enjoying it.

    Or I suppose you could take your PowerBook outside with you… may I suggest a sun umbrella and or Universal Access’ Switch to Black on White mode for outdoor viewing.

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