1. Eject KR

    brian on 2005.07.13
    at 01:58 am

    If you think exposing an undercover CIA agent as political retribution is wrong, or maybe just treasonous, then perhaps you’d like to Fire Karl Rove.

    Personally, I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg of the unsavory things the current administration participates in as a matter of daily operations. The Bush administration in my opinion makes the Nixon administration look like a pack of Boy Scouts.

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  2. Watch le Tour

    brian on 2005.07.12
    at 01:40 pm

    Hey, if you’re in the Boston area and have Comcast cable, they’ve added the Outdoor Life Network so that you can watch Le Tour De France. If you’re in Brookline, you’ll find it on channel 62.

    Side note: Dear OLN, why bother having the official American lTdF website if it is going to be so dreadfully slow? You attempts to style and brand the site is one of the reasons your site is so handicapped… you’re sucking bandwidth. Your costs are going up and readership down. I won’t wait a full minute for your site to load through my fast pipe. I’ll get my web coverage from the Tour Blog and ESPN’s Tour Tracker.

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