1. Work Road Trip

    jake on 2005.08.18
    at 12:25 am

    Well I’m off on my first ever work related trip. I’m meeting with the IT guys of one of our divisions to discuss web related things. After a nice four hour drive I made it to Sidney, New York. The drive out here was beautiful and relaxing.

    The town I’m staying in is about twenty miles away. Oneonta is a bit more developed than Sidney. It has a nice little main street that could be developed with some work. I’m not sure there’s a population to support it, but it’s charming and I wouldn’t mind seeing the community strengthen.

    The Autumn Cafe is a great place to eat if you visit. I had a nice healthy sandwich and offset it with a Bass ale. Can’t be too health conscious.

    Oneonta is the home to the National Soccer Hall of Fame. I didn’t even know it existed. It’s terrible I cannot visit it this time.

    Speaking of soccer (football), I was upset to miss the first US Mens Connecticut match at Rentschler field this evening. Luckily it’s being aired on ESPN2. I’ll have to get tickets next time.

    Have a good night Internetland…

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  2. Somatic

    brian on 2005.08.17
    at 09:10 pm

    Soma FM out of San Francisco is one of my favorite internet radio outfits. Secret Agent may be my all time favorite stream. They offer a ton of different types of feeds (mp3, aacPlus, 3GP, and the format which won’t be named) over their many channel selections. Additionally, I listen to Groove Salad and Indie Pop Rocks! occasionally, as well.

    I mention this because someone has produced a widget for Tiger’s Dashboard for Soma FM fans. Check it out. (via.)

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  3. The Pirates of Silicon Valley

    brian on 2005.08.17
    at 08:51 pm

    Whenever people ask me about the back story of Apple, and Microsoft and how things got where they are today in the world of personal computing, I often suggest they try to find a copy of The Pirates of Silicon Valley at their local video store. It was a fairly well made-for-TV movie that aired on TNT back about six years ago.

    Now, Amazon has it on DVD. So add it to your collection. It’s never going to win any awards, but Noah Wyle (as Steven P. Jobs) and Anthony Michael Hall (as William H. Gates) are entertaining while teaching a good-enough history of the personal computing revolution.

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