1. Computer Woes

    jake on 2005.09.30
    at 10:53 pm

    Well it looks like I’m going to be finally upgrading my desktop. The last major upgrade took place a little before construction of this site. I still have a little bit of troubleshooting to do but it’s not looking good. Unless I can diagnose it and just replace a particular component it’s more logical to start saving up and buying new parts.

    It all started with a wheezing fan in the case attached to the motherboard. Along with the junky stock power supply and old case fans it sounded like it was going to take off and phone in traffic reports.

    A few clicks later I had a new PSU coming on a Fedex truck. And a few more and a new cooler for my northbridge chipset was also on its way. All my worries were over.

    Of course it’s never that easy. After I put my new parts in my computer beeped at me. It has a lot of nerve sometimes. According to the Abit KT7/KT7-RAID FAQ she was trying to tell me there was something wrong with her memory. Anyone remember me say anything about RAM? That’s because I didn’t.

    I tried putting everything back the way it was with no luck. And I tried playing with which slot the RAM was in. No success.

    So if I can dig up an extra stick of RAM that I know works (though I thought the two in my system were fine) then I’ll do a little more debugging. But assuming it isn’t anything easily corrected I’ll just start picking up some new components and start from scratch. Always exciting to build a new computer.

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  2. DM's Sustainable Life

    brian on 2005.09.12
    at 03:02 pm

    Dave Matthews often takes his musical profits and reinvests in the Earth. One such effort is his organic farm and vineyard, outside of Charlottesville, VA.

    Rocker and gentleman farmer-vintner Dave Matthews is on a mission to promote sustainability, starting with the vegetables, grapes, cattle and chickens on his property in Virginia wine country. – Gerri Hirshey, for

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  3. A NOLA Insider's Slideshow

    brian on 2005.09.10
    at 09:12 pm

    A pretty fascinating slideshow from Alvaro, a New Orleans resident who stay through the storm… and then found a few days past that it was time to get out of town.

    A real insider’s view.

    (I had this open in a tab, and have since forgotten its origins…)

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  4. The Uses of Disaster

    brian on 2005.09.10
    at 02:08 am

    The Uses of Disaster An outstanding piece on the greatness of human nature after a disaster… and the general failure of imposed authority.

    Posted on Friday, September 9, 2005. This essay on the relationship between disasters, authority, and our understanding of human nature went to press as Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. The excerpt below is followed by a postscript, available only on the Web, that specifically addresses the disaster in New Orleans. Originally from a forthcoming issue of Harper’s Magazine, October 2005. By Rebecca Solnit.

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  5. Disasterous

    brian on 2005.09.10
    at 01:00 am

    TV Headline Reads:
    (via snopes)

    Related: Kayne West Remixed by “The Legendary K.O.” “Golddigger” goes political with Kayne’s statement “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People.”:

    OurMedia : George Bush Doesn’t Like Black People Kayne West / The Legendary K.O. MP3 320kbs 3m48sec

    I don’t know if I 100% agree with Kayne’s statement (although I do with his frustration), but his chorus certainly could be “I ain’t sayin’ he’s a golddigger, but he ain’t messin’ with no po’ people…”

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  6. Kottke goes to Ireland (a while ago).

    jake on 2005.09.08
    at 11:34 pm

    I had these two tabs open foooooorever. They both involve Jason Kottke and Ireland. Ireland is a lot of fun and Jason took a bunch of pictures.

    The other is from his remaindered links. A guide for the un-initated to buying Guinness in an Irish pub. Just remember, it’s “sláinte,” not “cheers.” Cheers is English, you’ll enjoy a canon ride over the channel for that one.

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  7. iTunes 5 and iPod nano

    brian on 2005.09.08
    at 11:28 pm

    First, I like the new iTunes 5 interface a lot. The smooth aluminum grey is sharp, and I like the polished glass look.

    This has inspired John Gruber’s funniest post to date, The iTunes 5 Announcement From the Perspective of an Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal User Interface Theme

    Secondly, the iPod nano is hot. It’s “impossibly thin.” I can feel my wallet getting thinner, too.

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  8. Harry Potter and the iTunes Store

    jake on 2005.09.07
    at 06:11 pm

    Today we were introduced to a few new products from Apple. They all involved audio. We have a replacement for the iPod mini, the iPod nano. We have, finally, the announcement of the iTunes Phone, which is basically a phone with the iPod shuffle capability. And lastly we have an update to iTunes itself.

    Harry Potter on iTunes Accompanying the iTunes update is a branded Harry Potter iPod and all the audio books from the iTunes store. This is where I find a fault.

    I’ve never paid much attention to audio books, if I’m interested in a book I usually just read it. I had no idea how expensive they were. I had to clean the coffee off my monitor after reading the $49.95 price for the latest installment. You can get Half-blood Prince in book form for well below that even if you pay full price. At the iTunes store you’re basically paying the same price as the CD version bought at a reduced price at Amazon. Oddly enough the tape version saves you $25 bucks at full listed price. Wouldn’t you just convert a CD copy over and drop it on your iPod?

    Just because a narrator is being paid to record the whole book is it really justified to cost so much? It’s obviously not from pressing CD’s.

    The greatest problem I find with this is that when you’re going through Apple you are not only shunned from a big discount for buying the set of audio books but you are also denied a discount when buying the set along with the iPod. Usually bundles save you money. Is anyone who already owns all the books really going to pay $548 just to listen to something they’ve already read on a branded iPod. Just give me the special iPod and I’ll go pop open my books thanks.

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  9. New Orleans Reaction

    brian on 2005.09.06
    at 12:20 pm

    Keith Olbermann speaking on MSNBC in regards to the governmental response to New Orleans. “(Transcript)”:

    Watch it.

    (Thanks, Damien and 1GM)

    Louisiana is a city that is under water. – “Michael Chertoff(Secretary, Dept. of Homeland Defense)”:

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  10. Donate to help Katrina Victims

    brian on 2005.09.01
    at 08:51 pm

    Please give what you can to help those in the path of Hurricane Katrina.The American Red Cross

    Last night I gave to the American Red Cross. I had to decide between them and AmeriCares Domestic Relief Fund. I gave to the Red Cross in the end, hoping that perhaps my company might start a matching drive, and in the past they have given to the Red Cross. Today, I found that my friends at 37 Signals were matching their blog reader’s contributions up to $5,000. All you have to do is email your donation confirmation to Jason Fried. Maybe my donation will be matched several times.

    The web is mobilizing in response to the catastrophe. The always first-class Craigslist is doing what they do best… they sprung into action with new sites for cities hit the hardest. They are a great resource for people trying to find each other, help, and housing.

    Additionally, the people behind have set up a housing website, for people who have space to let someone without a home settle in until things start to improve.

    In addition to my donation, I’m hoping our good site’s stance with Google will help spread these links…

    Update— Apple has put up a donation link via the iTunes Music Store.

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