1. HD comes home

    brian on 2006.01.26
    at 09:17 pm

    A few weeks ago I used my corporate discount to purchase a Panasonic LCD HDTV. It’s quite nice. But only today did I get my HD cable box form Comcast.

    I’ve been playing with it all afternoon. This evening, when my lovely fiancé arrived home, we tuned into a The Who concert on INHD. To quote Amanda…

    You can the spit and sweat flying off him!

    Yup. That about summarized HD for us. People look as sickening as they do in real life. The companies sell HD by saying it’s like looking out a window. It’s not that clear, but it’s damn nice.

    I personally have been infatuated with the 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound. That’s hot. Finally get to give my Yamaha Digital Receiver a work out. It’s great when a plan comes together…

    Lastly, I still have a SD TiVo. I’ll post again with all my wirings to set that up to use it to the best of its abilities.

    It wasn’t until today that I realized I’d be buying TiVo’s Series 3 HD DVR when it comes out… hopefully it’ll be just long enough for me to save up all my loose change… this is all slowly bleeding me poor.

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  2. Bio Heat, part III

    brian on 2006.01.26
    at 08:24 pm

    This is the conclusion on my series on finding home heating bio fuel.

    Last time, I was facing desperation. My 275 gallon oil tank was on zero. We had the heat low and off at every opportunity. I had still not found an area supplier of the friendlier fuel.

    On a whim, I decided to call Dennis K. Burke. They host Massachusetts’ first retail biodiesel pump. You can just drive up your regular old diesel fueled car and put some soy juice in the tank and it’s actually good for your engine.

    Visiting their website, I was disappointed to see no mention of home heating fuels, bio or otherwise. But I figured if could call and ask, and then when they said no, I figured they might know if anyone in our area did carry this product.

    To my surprise, and despite what their own website omits, they did indeed sell a B5 biofuel. That’s 5% vegetable oils, 95% petroleum. I was hoping for perhaps a B20, but I was happy to find any biofuel. The good news was the cost: biofuel was a mere ten cents more than standard no. 2 home heating oil. $2.49 per gallon… factored out to a full size tank I paid about a $30 premium. But that’s $30 I invested in American farmers… and reduced the pollution my home emits. It is also voting with my wallet, by purchasing bio fuels I state there is a market for environmentally-sound every day products.

    Go forth and vote with your wallet. And invest in well-made websites. I know some people who can help with such and initiative.

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  3. Search Folder for flagged in Thunderbird

    jake on 2006.01.26
    at 01:48 pm


    I should preface this short tutorial explaining that this is for older versions of Mozilla Thunderbird. Think of it as an alternative to the abilities added in version 1.5.

    Some background.

    I’ve been using Thunderbird at work for a long while now. I grabbed Thunderbird way back when it was in beta.

    I also have a problem with keeping my email organized. I get various messages on a weekly basis asking me to update minor things on various web sites. And if I’m currently busy with an unrelated project they quickly move off the screen and disappear from sight and from memory.

    There are two methods for highlighting messages in Thunderbird called labels and flags. Labels give color in the message window and their titles can be customized. They are easily applied using the keys 1-5. Flags can be inserted as a column and clicked to turn them on and off. There are of course other methods for applying the two.

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