1. Dollar Shirt

    jake on 2006.02.24
    at 06:13 pm

    Final result of shirt made out of a dollar bill.The other day I got a little interested in a t-shirt after seeing an image on a post I can’t find again. Gotta love RSS overload. I sucessfully made the shirt displayed here. Now if I could just figure out the shirt and tie version without a book (Amazon).

    Some more dollar origami…

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  2. Homebrew Weather Reports

    brian on 2006.02.18
    at 12:12 am

    An image showing fierce rain and windToday there was a serious wind event in New England, specifically directly over me in Medford. About 1pm a strong cell rolled in packing strong winds (reported up to 65mph) and even hail. I didn’t see the hail here, but Amanda saw it in Burlington. I saw driving rains and the wind blowing trash cans around the street (and it wasn’t collection day).

    {“View photo full size 2048×1536, 635KB(Link to an image showing fierce rain and wind)”:}

    In the historical department, I cobbled together a time lapse video of the blizzard of 12 February that swept through here last Sat-Sun.

    You can view the video over here

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  3. Winter Olympics come home

    brian on 2006.02.13
    at 05:03 pm

    I can’t say I minded my snow day yesterday. It fits nicely with my scheduled day off today, to make an impromptu weekend. Of course, this gives me lots of time to do something I enjoy greatly, watch the Olympics.

    We watched a women’s curling match this morning, US vs. Norway. For all the talk by men in the US about the US Women’s Snowboarding team… they should really take a look at the women’s curling team. Not that their looks helped them against a 40 year old vetran from Norway, who quietly brought her team from 4 down to a 4 point victory in the end.

    Curling is an interesting sport, born in Scotland, and much loved in Canada (94% of the estimated curlers in the world reside there). You could describe it as a mix of chess and bowling on ice, with a good deal of physics (mainly regarding friction of ice and stone) thrown in.

    Watching the cross country skiing the other day, I was reminded that I wanted to try doing that. I had (alpine) skied in middle school, switched to snowboarding in high school, and then promptly stopped in college. Skiing/ snowboarding is such a social sport, that you don’t generally do a lot of it if you don’t have anyone to accompany you on the rather long drives north to the mountains, then you generally don’t go. Same thing happened to my mountain biking habit.

    Well, now that I’ve settled down after college, it’s time to bring these things back. Problem being my significant other isn’t a big fan of heights, so getting her on a high-speed quad probably isn’t going to happen (I hold out hope that she’d spend time on a bunny slope with me though). But she has voiced an interest in x-c skiing. She likes the fact that it’s fantastic aerobic exercise.

    So next year, after we’ve paid off the wedding, and have some discretionary spending, three things will vie for our dollars: mountain bikes, snowshoes or xc skis. I’m betting on the bikes, but I’m certain at least one trip to rent and use xc skis will be in order. And boy, will we be tired.

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  4. Snowy Sunday

    brian on 2006.02.12
    at 02:49 pm

    Happy to report that I got a snow day today, although I was initially scared when I called in to find my manager already at work. Fortunately “the powers that be” came through at the last minute before Scott tested the snow gods with his AWD taxi service…

    Reports say to expect 15”-20” We’re well on our way.

    Revived the winter webcam. It’s updating every three minutes, but my pages still auto-update only every 6min.

    We’ll be out there shoveling some shortly you might see us.

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  5. NASA's continued censorship

    brian on 2006.02.06
    at 05:42 pm

    “A week after NASA’s top climate scientist complained that the space agency’s public-affairs office was trying to silence his statements on global warming, the agency’s administrator, Michael D. Griffin, issued a sharply worded statement yesterday calling for ‘scientific openness’ throughout the agency.”

    “It is not the job of public-affairs officers,” Dr. Griffin wrote in an e-mail message to the agency’s 19,000 employees, “to alter, filter or adjust engineering or scientific material produced by NASA’s technical staff.”

    The statement came six days after The New York Times quoted the scientist, James E. Hansen, as saying he was threatened with “dire consequences” if he continued to call for prompt action to limit emissions of heat-trapping gases linked to global warming. He and intermediaries in the agency’s 350-member public-affairs staff said the warnings came from White House appointees in NASA headquarters.”

    “Source: New York Times Article”:

    Why does everyday seem more like 1984? Spying on citizens, censorship of the government’s own scientists? Where will it end?

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  6. Today's list

    brian on 2006.02.03
    at 05:23 am

    Mass posting. Sorry. Here’s things that interested me from today:

    Cambridge city-wide WiFi by this summer, sponsored by MIT. Quote of the day: “Keville said he does not anticipate any problems because MIT’s bandwidth is ‘ridiculously high.’” When will Medford get WiFi sponsored by Tufts’ fat pipes?

    Transmit 3.5 update
    I use Transmit for our web work, and love it. Rumor has it that Transmit is faster for iDisk uploads, too. I have been able to document that scientifically, but cursory tests have resulted in a resounding “maybe.” Of course, it’s tough with Comcast’s “ridiculously low” upload bandwidth caps.

    iWeb. To try out this app, I built an experimental site for my parents business in one late-night session. Went crazy and bought them a domain, hosted it on our servers, and set them up with business email. The result was

    It’s not a big jump from the “modern” template, but I am impressed with the easy of use, and the ease to create a non-eye-sore site. I am productive in the Pages/Keynote/iWeb interface. I think this is going to be a big hit with the non-HTMLers out there.

    Of course, the code it produces is not the same as a pro-hand coder would produce. It’s use of style sheets could use some work. But it validates XHTML transitional, and I think that’s huge. One giant step in the right direction for Apple, and to think it’s only 1.0. I’d love to use this as a starting point for our hand-coded work. I hope one day the code will be there for me to really tweak out.

    Lastly, I enjoyed some RocketBoom via DTV. And I was exposed to this viral video. Now you’ll have to view it, too. Awww, yeah.

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