1. Futurama back from the dead (false)

    brian on 2006.03.20
    at 01:36 am

    Futurama is the latest cult-followed, but axed in its prime adult cartoon, that has risen from the grave, a la Family Guy.

    Rumor has it 26 new episodes are in the works.

    UPDATE Apparently, the voice-actor cited above jumped the gun, and in fact was wrong. Suppose it was too good to be true.

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  2. Biz: break the law, there are no penalties

    brian on 2006.03.19
    at 11:41 am

    Good news! If you start a business, and break the law, you don’t need to pay the fines!

    Which, is just great. The Fed is waiting on about \$35Billion in fines, mostly from white collar crime. In many cases, the huge fines announced in press conferences, is whittled down to pennies on the dollar. Yup, that’s a deterrent!

    Is anyone else noticing the continuing trend here? Own a company, you’re in like sin! The current administration is certainly a hospitable host!

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