1. Jill Carroll Freed

    jake on 2006.03.30
    at 12:17 pm

    Well I haven’t been remotely politial for months. But I just had to point out the fact that Jill Carroll has been free by her captors.

    Jill was captured on January 7^th^ enroute to interview Iraqi politician Adnan al-Dulaimi. Thankfully she has been released.

    Boing Boing has been keeping up to date on this issue for the last couple months.

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  2. My morning at the DPH and WiFi

    brian on 2006.03.21
    at 03:47 pm

    Today is a day off for me. One of the advantages of a job without 9-5, M-F hours is unusual times off. This week makes that a random Monday and Tuesday my “weekend” off.

    With my day off, I felt like getting out of the house. This was prompted by a lack of breakfast goods. Luckily for my there is an utterly charming café up the street which even embraces my Danish heritage. It’s called the Danish Pastry House and it’s right down the hill from Tufts University.

    I enjoy the DPH’s chai lattes, and have yet to be disappointed in their baked goods.

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  3. Futurama back from the dead (false)

    brian on 2006.03.20
    at 01:36 am

    Futurama is the latest cult-followed, but axed in its prime adult cartoon, that has risen from the grave, a la Family Guy.

    Rumor has it 26 new episodes are in the works.

    UPDATE Apparently, the voice-actor cited above jumped the gun, and in fact was wrong. Suppose it was too good to be true.

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  4. Biz: break the law, there are no penalties

    brian on 2006.03.19
    at 11:41 am

    Good news! If you start a business, and break the law, you don’t need to pay the fines!

    Which, is just great. The Fed is waiting on about \$35Billion in fines, mostly from white collar crime. In many cases, the huge fines announced in press conferences, is whittled down to pennies on the dollar. Yup, that’s a deterrent!

    Is anyone else noticing the continuing trend here? Own a company, you’re in like sin! The current administration is certainly a hospitable host!

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  5. NewsGator First Look

    brian on 2006.03.18
    at 12:40 pm

    I signed up for NewsGator yesterday so that I could try out the new syncing features of my fav app NetNewsWire.

    The initial sync brought all my stuff over successfully, and this morning I took a look at the web version for the first time.

    Unfortunately, only the negative stands out at this initial point. First thing I noticed is that my finely-crafted hierarchy of folders is instantly undone – everything is now in alphabetical order. Not good.

    Second, the subscription list is not separate. So, when you scroll down, your list goes away, too, killing any chance of switching quickly to another sub quickly. A little, simple CSS could solve this.

    Also on the subs list, when you click on the name of a folder, it shows you all the contents of the folder’s feeds – as it should. However, there is not much visual feedback in the subs section to tell us we’re indeed looking at everything.

    Third, every time you click on something, the whole page refreshes. It’s time for some AJAX.

    Lastly (for now) it does not observe my refreshing preferences, thus folders of feeds I’ve not read for 6 months, but want to keep around for various reasons, there full of active stuff. I wish it was just left alone. (maybe it’s just me — I just don’t like it)

    These are just my initial thoughts, more may follow.

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  6. NBC gets a clue

    brian on 2006.03.09
    at 02:33 am

    NBC is catching on. First all their involvement with the iTunes store, and now this.

    NBC Video

    Now, instead of searching the web for “borrowed” NBC highlights, you can go to the source! We’ve taken your viral favorites and gathered them into one convenient location. Watch. React. Tell a friend.


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  7. Excellent Example of IT meeting EDU

    brian on 2006.03.07
    at 12:56 am

    If I could sum up what I would like to do with the next stage of my professional life, basically if I had to pick my next job, I would probably reference this site. Not that I’m a particularly huge fan of podcasts, but I’m specifically referencing this site: advocating the correct usage of a cool new technology, securely grounded in good pedagogy (not in some IT budgeter’s idea that some how a 3rd grader can benefit from a Palm Pilot in their English class), and presented in a well designed web site, both visually and usably.

    As much of a geek as I may be, one thing that bugs the hell out of me is technology for technology’s sake. No! Technology must fill a need… not create one. Otherwise, it’s just “stuff.”

    Every educational institution should as lucky as UW to have something like this site. This is very similar to what I did at UConn, in my first “real” job. I do miss that job.

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  8. Simmons and Gladwell Chat Sports

    brian on 2006.03.04
    at 09:46 pm

    Even if you don’t really know who Bill Simmons and Malcom Gladwell are, if you’re a reasonably informed sports fan, you’ll really enjoy this discussion they’ve posted on Bill’s column on

    It’s two parts and I wish it were ten.

    These two should definitely team up for a sports book.

    I’m now much more interested in reading Gladwell’s book. They’re sorta up my alley anyhow, but I don’t read many books that don’t have a lot of pictures (I mainly only read art/design or travel books… not children’s pictures books as that might have sounded like…)

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  9. Ode to NNW 2.1

    brian on 2006.03.03
    at 12:01 am

    I just wanted to give a shout out to the one application I probably could no longer live happily without… NetNewsWire.

    I don’t know much about other news readers, since NewsFire stopped being free, and about a day with the Google News reader (eh) I haven’t touched another reader. What’s more, I have zero desire for another reader. I liked it so much I bought it. At the time I was only using the lite version, which is still free, but i wanted to send some money to Brent to encourage his development efforts. I took the pro app, and come version 2, I was sure glad I had it… the syncing of news is invaluable. And version 2 was free for purchasers of version 1. That impressed me.

    But then, today I read this…

    (version 2.1 is) a free upgrade. In fact, existing NetNewsWire users will get two years of free upgrades plus a free subscription to NewsGator.

    Damn. Thanks Brent. Again.

    He says it’s mainly going to be a maintenance release, plus NewsGator syncing… but he claims the speed is increasing. This is great, because my only qualms came from the crankiness of the syncing… and the lack of speed. I figured it was due to my over-use of the program… over 300 feeds, lots of tabs… but he’s testing with a private tester’s 634 tabs. Alright!

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  10. Link Dump; Curve Ball, $ 10 Color, Cheap Fireflies, Magdalene Sisters

    jake on 2006.03.02
    at 05:12 pm

    Well today is another birthday for me. I am now a whopping twenty-seven years old. I’ve discovered two new famous-ish people to add to the list of people who share my birthday.

    Here are the people I didn’t know…

    • Bryce Dallas HowardBryce Dallas Howard – Not only is she cute, but she’s going to play Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3. I guess I’ll have to start watching all her movies or something. One time this crazy lady at the store claimed I looked like Bryce’s dad, Ron Howard. I’m not sure what that lady was smoking.
    • Daniel Craig – Oh great, now I have to stick up for the new James Bond every keeps making fun of. Well maybe not that much…
    • Lou Reed – Co-founder of Velvet Underground
    • Tom Wolfe – Author of The Bonfire of the Vanities
    • John Irving – Author of The Cider House Rules
    • Heather McComb – Actress from a bunch of different random things. Also married to Dawson. He’s actually a few days older and originally from a neighboring town. And has a couple indirect connections with me.

    And the ones I already knew…

    And finally some random tidbits I wanted to share.

    Update: Added some more birthday people…

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  11. Bush knew Katrina would breech levees

    brian on 2006.03.02
    at 11:46 am

    Contrary to his own public statements (“Who could have predicted…?”), President George Bush knew that the force of Hurricane Katrina would breech New Orleans’ levee system. Last night the AP released previously secret tapes and transcripts where both Bush and Homeland Security were briefed with shocking accuracy of what effect Katrina would have on the Gulf region.

    WASHINGTON – On the eve of Hurricane Katrina’s fateful landfall, President Bush was confident. His homeland security chief appeared relaxed. And warnings of the coming destruction — breached or overrun levees, deaths at the New Orleans Superdome and overwhelming needs for post-storm rescues — were delivered in dramatic terms to all involved. All of it was captured on videotape.The Associated Press obtained the confidential government video and made it public Wednesday, offering Americans their own inside glimpse into the government’s fateful final Katrina preparations after months of fingerpointing and political recriminations.

    “My gut tells me … this is a bad one and a big one,” then-federal disaster chief Michael Brown told the final government-wide briefing the day before Katrina struck the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29.

    The president didn’t ask a single question during the briefing but assured soon-to-be-battered state officials: “We are fully prepared.”
    —Associated Press via Yahoo!News

    This should serve as evidence that all White House records should be public, and that anything else is an absolute outrage.

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  12. 2 Seconds with The Corporation

    brian on 2006.03.02
    at 01:38 am

    Two second review:

    The Corportation, Documentary.

    Worth every minute of watching.

    This month it was on Comcast OnDemand, via the Sundance Channel. It may have expired today, but check just in case.

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