1. Visit Glacier NP Remotely

    brian on 2006.04.28
    at 11:22 pm

    With birds singing, water gently lapping on the shore, a slight breeze, and temperatures in the high 60s, it was a glorious spring day at the foot of Lake McDonald. - photo courtesy David Restivo, for the NPS - used without permission,I don’t live anywhere near Glacier National Park in Montana. Anyone who knows me and my interest in wide-open spaces knows I wish I did. That’s why I’m thankful I found eHikes, an outstanding piece of “multimedia” (an overused buzz word that was sent out to pasture, but is actually the most descriptive in this instance, since the presentation made use of QuickTime video and VR, still photography and with Flash for interactivity) of a couple hikes within the park.

    Go now. Less talk, more clicking.

    PS – they also have ‘eTours,’ Podcasts (audio, video), and more still and moving imagery.

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  2. Careful what you blog

    brian on 2006.04.28
    at 09:47 pm

    Lance Dutson was just doing what bloggers do: reporting when they see something stupid. In this case, he thought his home state of Maine was flushing his tax money down the drain with a poor PR campaign for the state’s tourism. Tourism is the number one money maker for the state.

    But apparently that’s not OK with Warren Kremer Paino Advertising , a New York-based ad agency who the State was hired to draft the campaign.

    When Dutson reposted images that were currently viewable for public inspection on the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development website, and critiqued them… that was the final straw, and he was sued by Warren Kremer Paino Advertising claiming defamation, libel, and copyright infringement. To the tune of more than a million dollars.

    Lance is a man who is a web designer and who has a family, and is a self-described “middle of the road” Maine citizen. But if he’s looses, they’ll be in the poor house.

    All because Warren Kremer Paino Advertising is miffed that Lance didn’t like their work.

    I’m going out on a limb here… I don’t like it either .

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