1. eBay scammers stopped by Mac community

    brian on 2003.05.12
    at 01:10 pm

    This story is a little out of date, and seeing how it got national press coverage (NYT, ABC, CNN) I'm not sure how I missed it. Never the less, the story is downright fascinating, and you should read how one angry Mac user turned to the Mac community for help when the FBI, Secret Service and Chicago PD turned their backs on him. Apparently the movie rights have been sold, so perhaps we'll see this on the silver screen soon...

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    1. StewartBusterBullet said on 2005.06.28 at 06:05 pm

      A guy using the name mega_geaar sells quite a few mobile phones here on eBay. The trouble is, he uses aliases to falsly bolster his bids. Here’s what he does; He lists a mobile phone with no reserve at 99p thereby avoiding a listing fee. You put a bid in, say £2.00. Five minutes later, he uses an alias and bids £10.00. This will go on in gigantic steps until the price reaches £180.00.If,when the auction has only minutes to run, he is still bidding higher than you are, he emails you to say that the current high bidder has emailed him saying he wants to pay by cheque and tells you the highest bid. He then goes on to say that if you bid higher than that, you will be the winner. However, if you do not bid higher and his alias actually wins the item, he will email you and invite you to accept a second chance offer.
      The alias he was using most, was glover151. Considering that this guy won a lot of items, there is not a great deal of feedback from either party! The other thing is, the items reappear for sale by the original seller!
      Now sussed, mega_geaar has started to use other aliases. These are pro_gear_unlimited and stewart2oo4. They are ALL from the Dagenham area of Essex, UK.I urge all eBayers to boycott sellers such as these and give eBay back to honest people.

    2. Greg said on 2005.08.08 at 10:21 am


      yes he has a very high number of “no longer registered users”. What about his charge on you – that you have “8 DIFFERENT USER ID’S REPORTED TO EBAY” ..?. Funny how hostile he reacts to negative feedback. Using shill bidding to up his profit must be time-consuming, not exactly grand larceny. I could see that from somebody in say, Malaysia or India. But the UK? Pathetic.

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