1. Geckos, a bridge to Spidey

    jake on 2003.05.15
    at 06:52 pm

    We could make super-grip shoes for athletes and [tires] that hold the road better in all weathers, for example. And in Hollywood, actors playing superheroes like Spiderman or Neo from The Matrix could climb walls and walk on the ceiling without the studios resorting to computer graphics.

    This of course also requires that Keanu can actually walk up a wall with gravity pulling him down. With wires weight is lessened.

    Scientists have isolated the mechanics for the gecko's ability to stick to objects. The contact between the fine hairs on the gecko's feet and surface is helped by "very weak intermolecular attractive forces."

    The hairs on a gecko's feet - called setae - are the key to its remarkable grip on just about any surface, rough or smooth, wet or dry. The tips of the setae are so sticky that geckos can hang from a ceiling with their entire weight suspended from a single toe.

    New Scientist

    Posted in: Science


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