1. Bush adding to the Nuclear Problem

    brian on 2003.05.20
    at 02:13 pm

    Not content that Iraq has no nuclear weapons, George Bush is asking Congress that we should make more. That's right, seeing that we already have large nuclear weapons, the Bush administration is asking the Congress to overturn a ban against the creation of so-called "Low Yield" nuclear weapons. They are mini-nukes, with approximately one-third the microwaving power of the Hiroshima nuke. Of course, along with the ban-lifting would come the return of nuclear testing.

    Am I the only one who thinks a) we have plenty of Nukes, b) this is a bad idea? Aren't we deathly afraid of suitcase nukes already, yet now we want to make more, small ones our selves? I have one simple mantra that covers this topic: The more nukes the world has, the less safe we really are.

    How many schools could we build with the cost just one of these mini-nukes? We know each cruise missile that struck Iraq could have built nearly an entire new school. What size school are we nuking now? Remember, George Bush is "the education president."

    Please contact you Senator now.

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