1. Classless New Jersey

    brian on 2003.06.10
    at 01:00 pm

    Watching the Stanley Cup Finals this week, I continue to hate New Jersey Meadowlands sports fans (I have family in South Jersey, which an entirely different state: friendly people, no chemical plants, and where the "Garden State" nickname comes from. They're all Philly fans down there, too). After winning the Stanley Cup, the New Jersey fans deafenly boo the winner of the Con Smythe Trophy (The Duck's Jean-Sebastian Giguere) because he wasn't their goalie. Classless. The Con Smythe trophy is the MVP for the entire playoffs. JSG was clearly the MVP.

    Not to mention the North Jersey fans booing the Spurs in line up announcements the night before, including two of the nicest players in sports: Tim Duncan and David Robinson.

    There's just something about the fans in that New York Metro area (and I'm a fan of one of those teams). They were terribly rude at the 2002 US Open at Bethpage Black on Long Island. And who can forget the snowball incident at the NY/NJ Giants game? Classless. Sportsmanship (among fans, at least) simply has no meaning when you enter that area.

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