1. Carbon Nanotube Mail

    jake on 2003.06.12
    at 11:52 pm

    Scientists at the University of Texas have developed a thread made from carbon nanotubes. When woven together the material is "five times stronger than steel." It also has electrical properties. It was referenced that this could be used for body armor. The threads would only stop bullets and knives from a piercing standpoint. They still won't stop the blunt trauma. I learned that on Discovery. The show about Body Armor to be exact. The blunt trauma can also be lethal -- an indent caused by pressure -- by damaging organs.

    Materials made from such strong threads could be used to make bullet-proof vests as light as a T-shirt. And their electrical properties could be harnessed to put microsensors into our clothes, measuring everything from temperature to heart rate.

    New Scientist

    Posted in: Science · Technology


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