1. WWDC: the day after

    brian on 2003.06.25
    at 01:56 am

    Over the past day, I've had the opportunity to try some of the new technologies unveiled at the WWDC keynote.

    • Safari 1.0. This is my first blog entry from that newly 1.0 browser. It has fixed a minor bug in one of our navigation menus on the right.
    • iChat AV (beta) and iSight. Wow. These go beyond mere Instant Messaging. This is "say hi to Grama and Grandpa in Boca" tech. This is "see your kid in the middle of your Pacific Rim business trip" technology. I'm impressed with the quality, and of course, the simplicity (zero setup, worldwide). iSight is small, eminently portable (smaller than your average deodorant stick) and of great quality for the price. Saw a great many fly out the door today (to customers and employees alike) without any on public display. I look forward to using it with my and my girlfriend's family. Tomorrow brings connected demo models, hopefully.
    • PowerMac G5. Available in August, most likely. I can't wait to see one in person. Winner for best nickname as of yet:Cheese Grater
    • PowerBooks, since there are no new PowerBooks as of yet, I have invested in a 12" Combo drive model for interim, until a new 15" comes out, at which time I will reassess, and perhaps trade up. (No, we don't have a trade-up program.) For now, it's a sleek, powerfully affordable option. Hopefully, broadband will follow for us, and after that... iSight!

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