1. Gruber debunks Boutin

    brian on 2003.06.28
    at 02:11 am

    This story touches upon two of my pet peeves: stupidity in the media, and the assertion that since some companies sell commodities, all companies should be judged as if their products are commodities.

    John Gruber is a sharp guy. Usually his insights catch my eye because I appreciate his opinions on the world of Apple. Today, he caught my eye both for that, and for ripping apart a subpart piece of "journalism,", “Flipping the Switch: Linux’s new popularity may hurt Apple more than Microsoft.”

    One of the problems with major media news organizations is their tendency to emphasize conflict above all else. This vs. that. Conflict is interesting, and ostensibly, reports of conflict increase ratings and readership.
    Sometimes conflict is real. But many times it is not, or at the very least, it is greatly exaggerated in news reports

    That's a fantastic summary of news journalism, for the most part, today.

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