1. Sanyo moving toward more OLED production

    jake on 2003.07.03
    at 04:22 pm

    Sanyo will be moving production of 60% of panels to OLED from LCD by the Spring of 2004.

    DigiTimes [from Anandtech]

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    1. ht30744 said on 2004.07.28 at 12:58 am


      What is OLED?

    2. Ron said on 2004.11.04 at 04:20 am

      OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode. I am 90% sure the OEL is the same technology or a very simular technology. OEL is organic electroluminisant display. Either way this technology is brighter, requires less voltage, better picture, thinner, wider veiwing angle. You can go on with several aother things stating why it is better then LCD. No back light is required with OLED, where LCD needs one. Think of the difference from CRT to LCD, after LCD caught up. OLED is bascially already caught up and is really starting to surprass LCD. When OLED comes out market wide and not in just a coupel nitchs it will in my oppion surpass LCD. Plus there are far more uses then personal TV, ie TV in the roof of ur car that changes to change the mood or that goes transparent to let the sun come in. I Would like to c ur LCD do that. Do some research and u will see there is a lot of plans for OLED.

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