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    brian on 2003.07.11
    at 12:37 am

    Apologies in advance for the recent lapse of posts from me. Busy week or so. First off, this is my first post from my new 12" Apple PowerBook. It's quite the machine. In other news, the other end of my local connection, and AirPort Base Station (wireless router) now (finally) terminates in a DSL modem. Speakeasy has been good thus far.

    One of the first things I watched with my new high speed (although, not officially "broadband" which 1 Megabit and higher, I get around half that) connection was a sequel to the classic "Napster Bad" animation, "Sue All the World." Not quite as good as the original, but what else is new. It's funny.

    Lastly, a new must have gizmo: Kensington WiFi Finder.

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