1. Pete Rose on Trial

    brian on 2003.07.18
    at 01:24 am

    A fascinating special on ESPN this evening: "Pete Rose on Trial." First off, it was a mock trial. It was held at Harvard Law School. None other than Alan Dershowitz and Johnnie Cochran, lead the prosecution (Rose bet on baseball, thus should remain inelligible for teh Baseball Hall of Fame) and the defense (put the man in the Hall, regardless), respectively. The trial has a jury, and the preceedings are being prosided over by Catherine Crier, an Emmy-winning Court TV host, and former judge from the state of Texas. The witnesses included baseball royalty like Jim Palmer and Hank Aaron, and expert witnesses from the fields of law and medicine. Follow the link and learn more. What do you think?

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    1. beau said on 2004.03.17 at 04:07 pm

      this blows

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