1. Dean's many faces

    brian on 2003.08.10
    at 06:46 pm

    Howard Dean is an interesting candidate for the 2004 Presidency. Not only does he have a devoted grassroots following, but he's the first candidate in the history of the presidency to truly, officially harness the power of the internet. Most of his donations are under one hundred dollars, just like those to Ralph Nader in 2000, except that there are a ten thousand-fold more registered Democrats in America from which to receive them, and they've started early!

    Now, Democrats everywhere shuttered when I mentioned Ralph and Howard in the same sentence. They want to be progressive, but they want to be look attractive to people who consider themselves middle America. They want to portray his ability to win, and not just be a protest choice. The sad thing is that 2/3rds of Americans are registered Democrats, policy-free surveys often show people's sensibilities tend to be quite progressive when they aren't associated with politics. For some reasons, Americans have an undying need to be perceived as "middle of the road" in politics, even if their beliefs veer hard left. (Side note, I hate the terms "left" and "right." This would put politics on a 2-D plane, which it clearly is not. If anything it's spherical. For example, if you're for personal responsibility and believe that companies will do anything for money that laws will allow [and that that is a bad thing], where does that put you?)

    Anyhow, here's the reading for the day. A non-partisan review of comments made about Howard Dean. It's a collection of 17 comparisons of who Dean is like, from all over the political and even fictional realm (Josiah Bartlet, anyone?).

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