1. Awesome Blackout Links

    brian on 2003.08.16
    at 01:10 am

    Cam Barrett has an awesome piece up on the blackout, linking to fellow NYC blogger's stories and pictures of the Great Blackout of 2003. For the record, even though Massachusetts was shown all the maps as being effected, only a very few, Western Mass. areas were affected. New England has its own grid that interfaces with the one that went down, but ours protected itself a little better from the domino effect than others, apparently. The Boston area didn't even flinch, luckily.

    How I found out about the blackout: I was speaking with a father and son who were inquiring about a 12" PowerBook. He pulled out his RIM Blackberry Phone which has a news headline "Four States and Canada Lose Power." "Sounds like that could be terrorism, hey?" He said, almost nonchalantly.

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