1. Ashcroft to visit Boston Tuesday (9-9-2003)

    brian on 2003.09.08
    at 01:56 pm

    As part of his Partiot/Victory Act National Propaganda Tour, Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft will be making an appearance at a place that knows a little about freedom, Boston's Fanieul Hall. If I weren't working, I would most likely be there protesting (Here's directions should you like to).

    Why are these two acts bad? Lisa Rein has some great clips and excerpts from Ted Koppel's Nightline to give you some insight.

    I was made aware of Ashcroft's Boston visit by a email. However, since MoveOn lacks any sort of permanent links to things like this, I have nothing to link to from them. I couldn't even find an email address to send my complaint to.

    However, I did find a link from the ACLU who are actively organizing protests for each of the Ashcroft stops. Here's a page where you can find out if Ashcroft is coming to your town, when, and what you can do about it.

    I was thinking: what does this propaganda road show cost the American taxpayers? Should a government be lobbying its own people? And did anyone notice that the stops are all in states the President did poorly in, in the 2000 election? If he's stealth campaigning, shouldn't his campaign be paying for this? What could we do with this money otherwise? Put it towards that $87 Billion we're investing in making a free Iraq/Afghanistan? All while we're whittling away our own freedoms? You could drown in all the layers of irony!

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