1. Server Failure

    jake on 2003.11.17
    at 04:37 pm

    What an exciting weekend... After noticing an irregularity on Friday night I sent in a support request to our host on Saturday. Apparently the hard drive with this site on it had a physical failure. I imagine without paying someone a lot of money it won't come back. I assume it wasn't a simple recoverable failure.

    There is also a faulty backup of the data, and no backup of the MySQL data. Why this was the way things were run is beyond me. According to our host, they have upgraded everything because of this failure and have a backup system in place.

    I plan on figuring out a backup method for everything, especially the MySQL data for my own future well being.

    We only lost a couple weeks posts as I had most things downloaded to my machine at work and Google Cache had a fairly recent snapshot of the front page.

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