1. iPod Anniversary

    brian on 2003.12.01
    at 11:12 am

    Two years ago Apple released its first electronic device that wasn't a personal computer in a while. The iPod aimed to combine the storage of hard drive based digital music systems, and the skip protection and diminutive size of the flash-ram based systems. Add to that phenomenal speed of music transfer and seamless integration with Apple's competent iTunes software, and you had simply the best portable digital music player on the planet.

    I'm a very difficult person to buy gifts for, but when this came out at about the same time as my birthday (and still having a college graduation gift to cash in) I knew exactly what I wanted when this was announced. It was the device I had been waiting for.

    Not everyone had the foresight to appreciated it as I did. See this blog entry with selected Slashdot comments about the iPod's release. Heehee.

    Today, the iPod is an icon of music empowerment. Every gadget geek and musician and sports star worth his or her salt has one. They've been given as gifts at the Grammys and other awards shows. The New York Times Magazine writes extended stories on the magic of its existence. Stereophile Magazine lists it as the product of the year.

    Although there's been some controversy about its internals at times (my original 5gb model is still working just fine, thank you), no one can deny that two years after its introduction, its the most popular electronic device on the market today, as well as the season's most desired gift.

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