1. Real life Hungarian Phrasebook Sketch

    jake on 2003.12.08
    at 05:39 pm

    A practical joker released a Japanese to English phrasebook book with incorrect translations. I read the article over at Yahoo!

    "For instance, when the Japanese think they're asking 'Can you direct me to the rest room?' the book actually has them saying, 'Excuse me, may I caress your buttocks?'"

    This is similar to a sketch from Monty Python where a man publishes a Hungarian Phrasebook containing incorrect translations.

    Cop: What's going on here then?
    Hungarian: Ah. You have beautiful thighs.
    Cop: (looks down at himself) WHAT?!?
    Clerk: He hit me!
    Hungarian: Drop your panties, Sir William; I cannot wait 'til lunchtime. (points at clerk)
    Cop: RIGHT!!! (drags Hungarian away by the arm)
    Hungarian: (indignantly) My nipples explode with delight!

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    1. Alex D. said on 2004.11.29 at 09:33 am

      Not strictly true. (How would you go about publishing a book without telling anyone who did it?) See

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