1. Snow article contains connection to Trey Parker

    jake on 2003.12.08
    at 05:47 pm

    I found an interesting article about how humans have dealt with snowstorms in North America at Blues News. But beyond all that I also found a reference to a movie in the text.

    In winter 1873, Alferd Packer and several other gold seekers trekked into the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado. Trapped in severe winter weather, months later, only Packer returned. When the bodies of the remaining men were found, evidence indicated that they had been cannibalized by Packer, for which he was tried and convicted.

    This is the basis for a movie that Trey Parker of South Park fame made while he was in college. Called Cannibal! The Musical it is a comedy loosly based on the event referenced above.

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    1. vince smigiel said on 2004.01.21 at 07:44 pm

      hey i hve a great idea 4 southpark

      hey trey im 13 yrs old me an my dad watch southpark evry nite its on we were watching it the one nite an wen a commercial 4 fearfactor came up we said wat if southpark did an episode of fear factor on south park plez email me back an ill tell u wat i mean my sn is

    2. vince smigiel said on 2004.02.03 at 03:01 pm

      a great idea

      Hey trey im 13 years old, me and my dad watch southpark every night its on. We were watching it the one night and a commercial for fear factor came up.I came up with the idea and said they should make fear factor come to south park. write back too me when you get a chance my sn is

    3. SAMANTHA PRICE said on 2004.08.06 at 06:08 pm


      hey trey parker wat up im 13 and my best friend and i had a great idea for the show u know how cartman loves cheesy poofs but wat if all the cheesy poofs in the world disappeard and cartman had to hunt them down wouldnt that be da bomb episode my email is

    4. Jody ward said on 2004.10.25 at 03:43 pm

      Team America

      'Pearl Harbor' was funnier. except for the barf scene.

    5. samantha price said on 2004.11.12 at 01:15 am

      team america

      hey team america was so great i loved it but it could have been better.but it was still great. well um i get a feeling that u guys dont use show ideas from fans which u should consider it wouldnt hurt.u know some people really do have good ideas. i love the new southparks there kewl.well email me please just say hi it wouldnt hurt how long does it take to say hi. me email is or well c u lata donkey

    6. jacey heimer said on 2004.11.19 at 02:32 pm


      hey i jsut wanted to say how inspiring your work is, from orgazmo, south park, princess, and team america. you show it how it really is and show what peoples real intentions are behind there bullshit, america can be retarded and you guys are the ones to point and laugh. your a big inspiration to my own cartoon work and i just wanted to give a big thanks. look out for my flash series coming soon. thanks.

    7. Sammy said on 2005.01.01 at 03:49 am

      I look up to you

      Hey trey I am 13 years old and I look up to you I love all your work.
      but you need to put princess back up it was rolling on the floor funny if you can email me back I would love that and as cartman said about mel gibson ‘‘I would be sucking on your balls if I knew were you were…..
      well joking Please email me back

    8. Josh Dobbin said on 2005.01.26 at 04:20 pm

      Baseketball stuff

      You should sell Baseketballs online. That’s it.

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