1. People's Court Meets Web Design

    brian on 2004.01.20
    at 01:35 am

    It seems that a friend of mine may be making an appearance on The People's Court. (I refuse to link to the website, which just redirects to a contact form. Pathetic for a TV show that has been on since 1981, and developed a genre of show!)

    She has a web client who has not paid for her site. So, she has filed a grievance in small claims court to get her client to pay up.

    And yesterday, she received a letter in the mail... on "The People's Court" letterhead. That invited her to appear on the show to settle her case with her client. She suspects that perhaps the client, who's in the media industry in New York City, maybe knew the producers. Anyhow, she is considering the appearance. It pays, win or lose. Will it be good exposure? Does she want that kind of exposure? What kind of potential client would be watching The People's Court?

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    1. Gary said on 2004.08.10 at 09:04 pm

      appearance on The People's Court

      i am in the ame situation as your friend, except I am the defendant. So far I have found only fan/viewer sites to learn about the show. I need to decide if I should have my case adjudicated on tv or in Brooklyn small claims court. What did your friend do? Did you find any other sites with participant information regarding the show?

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