1. Brian For Dean?

    brian on 2004.01.21
    at 02:41 am

    I'm thinking about going to NH and helping out the Dean Campaign some. Iowa, plus this whole "State of the [pukes /] Union" has pissed me off just enough, apparently.

    Tomorrow, I think I'm going to contribute $25-50 to the Dean campaign, then see if I have a day off between now and the primary, to go up and help out somehow. I just see Bush being re-elected again [pukes /] and I like Dean the best (although, do note that Michael Moore has endorsed Clark), so I figure I'd lend a hand. I still feel that his network is the best in the country, and has the best chance of getting people out to the polls, and that's the only way to get rid of Bush. All those who benefit from him (and those who think they do, who of course, outnumber those who actually benefit) will be there. It's time for the opposition to show up.

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