1. The Debate and the Shake-up

    brian on 2004.01.30
    at 03:38 am

    I was just watching the TiVo and its recording of the South Carolina Democratic Presidential Debate. Two things of note: One, wow, Sharpton really sounded like a serious candidate tonight. He definitely "won." However, if he was really serious about winning the race, he'd campaign to an additional 86% of the populace.

    Two, John Edwards definitely went up to Dean right after the debate, and I read his lips, and they said "Call Me." Dean shook his head, knowingly. If Dean had to pair up with anyone, as 1st or 2nd string, I think Edwards would be the best pairing. I can deal with Edwards, as he seems genuine (of course, they train you to do that in Law School). But I don't think he has enough experience in leading, well, anything. One term in Congress doesn't prove as much as, say, 11 years of balanced budgets on your record as Governor. Edwards would make a charismatic number two, though.

    As for the shake up, an interesting piece of thought on the state of the campaign. 625,000+ donating Americans aren't dead yet. especially with, oh, 92% of the delegates up for grabs. My opinion is that the Governor just needs to win the war of attrition, and I think he's the only one with the staying power to do so. Clinton took a lot more shit than Dean has. He made it through, and with a lot less conviction on his part, and enthusiasm on the part of his supporters.

    If Kerry's elected, he'll be ripped apart by Bush. He's the perfect punching bag (a wish-washy Massachusetts-elitist-liberal, who voted with the President, and as the winds blew!) The Republicans purposely said they wanted Dean to compete against as reverse-psychology. And its working. In reality, if Dean was the nominee, people would see he's not some whacko, have to actually look at his records and his stances on the issues. Once they see that he's what America needs the most right now, he'd run Bush through the ringer. I'd pay big bucks for even a bleacher seat for that debate. Dean would flatten him (with that afore mentioned ringer). God forbid we have an intelligent President.

    To recap: Dean can stand up to Bush, Kerry is a disaster waiting to happen. He won't even need buddy Michael Dukakis' tank helmet. He'll do it with his own hair-helmet. Look at the issues, and vote your hopes, not your fears. Think it through!!

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