1. Smart Man Acts Stupid

    brian on 2004.02.04
    at 02:47 am


    How can a smart man (a Harvard Business professor) be so stupid about something (Apple) despite studying them for years? Basically in the article (which contains several inconsistances, and some down right inaccuracies) this guys says, like everyone else, that Apple is dead meat, unless it starts operating like everyone else ("like, Dell, like Microsoft, like BMW, like Gucci"). And he's been saying it for over a decade. When does history inform us our theories are wrong? The guy has the stupidity to suggest Apple adopt an Microsoft OS. That's when he conceded he really doesn't know a damn thing about technology. He also said that the iPod played proprietary files. How'd this guy sneak into Harvard, while being so ignorant of facts?

    Why does Apple have to be like other companies? Isn't it glaringly obvious by now that Apple's success is because they aren't like anyone else?

    "Apple Computer. Going Out Of Business since 1977, and Loving every minute of it!"

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