1. Of American Soliders in Mongolia

    brian on 2004.02.21
    at 04:33 am

    I found it a surprise that the United States has a military presence in Mongolia. A small one yes, but influential. And Americans are apparently well liked in Mongolia, in spite of our current administration's attempts to offend the world.

    This story in the Atlantic Monthly is a long, fascinating tale of Colonel Tom Wilhelm, a military envoy to Mongolia. Not only are his adventures in the ancient country intriguing, but the man has a striking mentality.

    If I had a read a story like this in high school, I might have altered my professional course in life. The US Army needs to promote this unknown, internationally savvy side of itself. To hell with this "Army of One" crap, and shooting up the world. Let's move on, and talk about embracing the world like this man has, by having joint missions with armies around the world. The more we intermingle, the less likely we are to want to blow each other up. Hopefully, that's the future of military operations: to stop conflict without conflict.

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