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    brian on 2004.02.23
    at 01:09 am

    Nader announced his candidacy on Meet the Press, Sunday. He now has an official website up, Notice the site is not Someone else has put a site there. Funny. Wrong, but funny.

    I think people criticizing Nader's candidacy should get off their horse. I will not be voting for Ralph this cycle, as I did in 2000. I stand by my choice in 2000, as I was promoting the growth of the Green Party, as I believe the two party system in this country is leading us straight to ruin. It's well proven that Ralph didn't tip any election to Bush. People don't want to hear that, as scapegoats make losers feel better. If the Democrats were true leaders of progressive values, then there would have been no problem. But they aren't entitled to anything from Progressive voters. They've done nothing to earn that. In fact, they've never been closer to the Republicans. They are mired in corporate politics as much as the Republicans.

    Nader's candidacy illustrates two points:

    • The Democrats don't up hold Progressive values.
    • The voting system in this country is so messed up that people plead to third party candidates to stay out of the race. People need to be able to vote their conscious, not their fears.

    The Democrats had someone who addressed the first point with an excited base and proven results. But Democrats voted their fears, not hopes, business as usual, and their best hope for change was forced aside. If we had an election system that allowed people to vote for who they believed in, not in who they think other people will tollerate, then that certain candidate would have won in a land slide. Since that was the case, someone had to enter the race to keep the candidates focused on people, not corporations. Good for you Ralph.

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