1. Pentagon to Bush: Climate Change is our #1 Threat

    brian on 2004.02.24
    at 01:23 am

    Wow. This is blockbuster. Will Bush listen to his own Pentagon? He's the defense President, right? The Pentagon is telling George Bush something that he wouldn't hear from the EPA (and their administrator left because of it), that the number one threat to United States security to is climate change.

    Now, does the Pentagon realize that its perhaps the number one polluter in the US, if not the world? That it has no environmental restrictions on its equipment and grounds?

    UPDATE: A more balanced view of the report, which isn't nearly as serious or secret as the international press has stated. The report is still valid in many respects, however.

    Futurists see world coming to awful stew.

    Also see, Life After The Oil Crash, another end-days scenario that's worth a look, if nothing else...

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