1. TiVO To Go Feedback

    brian on 2004.02.24
    at 02:37 am

    TiVo wants to know what you want. This is a great chance to feedback on the future of the TiVo. Remember ask for extra-special Mac support! The basis of the research is the possibility of transferring video to and from your PC to your TiVo, including DVD recording. It would involve a physical key (USB dongle) to allow play back on non-TiVO devices. They also ask about if you'd like to edit your video.

    What did I want? Here's a summary of the stuff I suggested in the free-form sections...

    • First, I want to be able to edit any video with iMovie, and be able to burn through iDVD.
    • TiVOToGo must respect me, and not treat me like a criminal. I want to use my media, and have 100% control.
    • Standard formats! Steer clear of proprietary. MPEG & DV formats. (MPEG 4, specifically-- this would also address the lack off AAC support in the Home Media Option). Open source stuff would be cool, too.
    • Network enabling is important. I would want to be able to stream across a home network (802.11g should have enough bandwidth, if the video is compressed in MPEG4). I would LOVE to stream video from my TiVO across the internet. Watch something while I'm on lunch at work, you know, make the Digital Media Server, an actual server.

    Go put in your two cents.

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