1. EFF Suggests Legit P2P Music Sharing for $5

    brian on 2004.02.27
    at 06:39 pm

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has produced a brilliant white paper (admission: I only read the "executive summary") on how the music industry can finally halt their barrage of costly litigation, in exchange for a phenomenal opt-in revenue stream, and the legitimization of music downloads over peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

    Their idea stems from history: when the music industry thought radio was the pirate du jour, and set up a mechanism for getting paid from that industry, and excluding any necessary legislative acts.

    Best parts:

    • US$5 per month for unlimited P2P use.
    • Opt in: if you don't download, you're not penalised: other ideas have included taxes on blank CDs... which penalize people who may not be downloading music... making everyone foot the bill for someone else's collection habits.
    • No new laws, no new lawsuits.
    • Lifting murky legal issues would allow the downloading technologies to really refine themselves.

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