1. OPML Updated

    jake on 2004.03.09
    at 10:37 pm

    Well I have a small update, other things are floating in my head, but there's something immediate that's about 90% done, like everything else I do.

    If you look to your right... no not that far, the right of the page. You have some basic info about the two authors here, Brian and I. One of the links is for OPML. I took a script from Clint Ecker and started modifying it. I still have some work to do with it but it's functional for both of us. In fact I added a little bit to produce XHTML lists and a bit of hierarchy for my NewsDesk opml file. Since categories are exported, you can see how I organized my feeds.

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    1. Brian said on 2004.03.10 at 01:56 am

      Mine isn't organized...

      That's because NetNewsWire, the best RSS reader on the planet doesn't export OPML with its folder stucture intact. Maybe Brett will role that into a later edition.

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