1. Foreign Terrorists Prefer Bush to Kerry

    brian on 2004.03.22
    at 02:13 am

    I don't know what their toothpaste preferences are, but it seems that foreign terrorists would prefer Bush to stay in office. This isn't a joke in regards to foreign leaders supporting Kerry secretly. It makes sense: when the US acts aggressively, unilaterally, it gives terror leaders more fuel to say "I told you so. The Great Satan is attacking us again."

    If you vote Bush for anti-terror reasons, you're deluding yourself. And endangering all of us.

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    1. Michael said on 2004.08.05 at 02:02 pm

      History of Terrorists

      This is probably the stupidest comment I have seen yet. You people need to go read some history. Terrorists have been killing Americans long before Bush was in office. Further, 9/11 happened long before Bush had even decided to make terrorism an issue.

      These thugs we call terrorist don't need an excuse to kill us or to get their people fired up. It is built into their culture, religion, and hearts to kill anyone who is not Islam.

      Those of you who think "flipper" otherwise known as John Kerry actually has what is takes to go get these guys and stop them before they kill more Americans better go look at his voting record for defense and intelligence spending over the last 20 years.

      Of course you can also just ignore his record and blindly follow what he is saying and continue to live in a fantasy world. But if you do that don't start crying when it is your family who is killed in the next 9/11 because John Kerry was more interested in healthcare then stopping terrorism.

      I respect people's opinions, but at least go get the facts from independent sources before deciding what those opinions are. If you don't at least do that you are sucker who allows your vote to be hijacked by fast talking politicians.

    2. user said on 2004.10.08 at 09:12 am


      Al Qaeda must love how Bush has divided the USA and the West. Divide and conquer--the first rule of warfare.

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