1. 100 Year Domain Renewal!?!

    jake on 2004.03.23
    at 01:10 pm

    Apparently now that Network Solutions had trouble with their redirecting scheme they needed another way to force revenue. They have started offering a way to register a domain name for 100 years. This is ludicrous. While this would hypothetically make sense for an enormous corporation, like my employers' who've been around 70+ years, it doesn't work for smaller companies that only last 10.

    To top it off, it's similar to the stupid copyright law. It keeps things out of the public domain. What if Company A pays for a 100 year renewal for domain, *catchy-marketing-name*.com and they go out of business in 6 years? The person who registered * still own the domain for the next 94. So 50 years from now, you'd have to track down the owner and hope they will sell it to you for a reasonable price so you can use it for your similarly named company. Could you imagine if this happened with all the dot-coms that went belly up?

    This is similar to a problem I had with A few years ago I wanted to purchase, no big surprise it was owned by some marketing company with Rain in their name. Well that company is gone, presumably assimilated into Verio's parent company. So now shows, even though they don't call themselves anything similar to that anymore. The company just re-registers it every year and holds onto it. I even inquired to buy it and was told it's a "company domain."

    It makes sense if they just want old customers to be redirected, but I have to imagine that stops happening after a while. It's not necessary to keep it forever.

    The 100 year renewal would pretty much just perpetuate this. Let's hope this doesn't stick...

    From: Slashdot

    Update: Apparently in October Verisign sold Network Solutions. Now I'm just confused. They're both still bad ideas, I guess they're from two different companies now.

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