1. CIAB - Campaign In A Box

    brian on 2004.03.23
    at 11:49 pm

    We started this blog to simply talk about what we read everyday, pass infallible judgment on it, and post it for millions to read. What we didn't set out was any sort of focus on topic. We've gravitated to two things we like to harp on: technology and politics. Therefore I'm obliged by some sort of Internet Law to mention OR - Open Republic.

    CIAB–Campaign In A Box is an idea to build software in the vein of the Dean For America software movement, but continue on in an apolitical, free and open way, to advance American (and, well, anyone's) politics to a more citizen (user) friendly level.

    Of course, the thing they need to address in any attempt to make something open source and usable... is the fact that most open source projects are very far from usable for the average Joe. Or even me, many times. And I'm a "genius." Almost.

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