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  1. Drink a Gallon of Milk in One Hour

    jake on 2004.03.25
    at 01:23 pm

    Boing Boing seems to have a fascination with these guys trying to drink a gallon of milk in an hour. It's an old dare that I've heard of people trying to undertake before. With exception to someone like this guy, who trains to win hot dog eating contests I recall that it is impossible. Considering many factors including, the average human stomach can not hold a gallon of any fluid, it's no surprise that everyone vomits up the milk before they get the end of the jug. Though that second guy comes pretty damn close before he loses it...

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    1. mark said on 2004.06.14 at 06:04 pm


      we witnessed a gentleman drink a gallon of milk in 52 minutes at a party thursday night. about 10 witnesses present.

    2. Billy said on 2004.10.22 at 07:52 pm

      I did it

      I did it in 52minutes 56 seconds.. I have about 6 witnesses.

    3. I drank a gallon of milk said on 2004.11.07 at 01:33 am

      I did it. I have about 746 witnesses

    4. Joe said on 2004.11.12 at 05:31 am


      I have a bet going with my bud, we are deployed and at the moment have some dead time on our hands. I say it's possible to drink a gallon of milk in under an hour if you pace yourself, my bud says NO... I guess we'll find out....

    5. kyle said on 2004.12.16 at 05:27 pm

      how to prepare for the milk challenge

      Hi i am kyle. if anyone knows how to prepare to drink a gallon of milk please email me. I have heard of not drinking any fluids for a certain period of time. I dont know what the best thing to do is. Please rsvp asap. I have the challenge coming up very soon and need some expert or semi expert advice.
      Thank You

    6. Matt said on 2004.12.16 at 05:33 pm

      Milk Challenge

      This is a milk challenge web site. The girl who wants live strong can fu**ing shuv them up her sweet little pussy(or gigantic pussy if she is a beastly woman)

    7. Jon-Luke Mcadams said on 2004.12.17 at 01:31 pm

      This is a challenge to win

      My friend bet his car over 40 bucks that i couldn't drink a gallon of red cap milk in one hour without vometing. Can you fucken believe that his car, sure it's a piece of crap but its still got ten years in her.
      I'll let you know how the out come is tomorrow. Wish me luck!$

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