1. Brian gets Promoted

    brian on 2004.04.06
    at 02:19 am

    Well, hoo-ray for me. My time and hard work at Apple has earned me the title of "Mac Genius." Well, once I pass the tests, at least. I'm very happy.

    At this point in my life, I never pictured myself working in a retail store. Of course, Apple broke the mold when they made the Apple Store. Too bad they couldn't find a way to allow us to work 8am-5pm, though. Upsides: a) It doesn't pay like retail. b) it's Apple. Of course, where else can you have an Apple technician look at your Mac at 9pm on a Tuesday. Or worse, a Saturday night? We're crazy enough to be "that guy."

    Anyhow, back to the fun. My training begins next week, 40 hours of study time for my three exams, which will cover "help desk basics" "desktop" and "portable" topics. Also troubleshooting theory and other topics. Really. "Troubleshooting Theory," I'm not making that up! And to be an MG, that has to sound interesting to me! (and it does)

    After studying, I have to take the tests. However, the up side to that is that I get to take them in sunny Cupertino, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. I get two weeks of training at 1 Infinite Loop, the famous Apple Campus. Hopefully, I'll post a few pics and updates from the left coast!

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