1. Kill Bill 3?

    jake on 2004.04.13
    at 10:20 pm

    At first I thought this was another stupid cash in...

    But Tarantino is apparently taking a different route. He plans on taking the daughter of Vivica A Fox's character and having her get revenge against Uma Thurman's character. He will do this by waiting 10-15 years and shooting some now, some then. Very cool.

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    1. Ben J said on 2004.04.28 at 06:08 pm

      kill bill 3

      Why make a kill bill 3? I cant bare the thought of Beatrix dying. The only way i could handle this is if her daughter would continue the series and take revenge on te killer.

    2. jake said on 2004.05.10 at 06:43 pm

      I see what you mean, I just found the idea of waiting to film the 3rd installment a nice idea. It seems more of an artistic extension than just making a third movie that exploits the popularity of the first two.

    3. Miss Tifa said on 2004.08.03 at 03:52 pm

      kill bill 3

      Well personally i think Kill Bill 3:Kill the Bride would be perfect but not in 15 years!Who knows what actors won't and will be around and down for Kill Bill 3.So if Tarantino is flirting with the idea he might as well get it outta the way now while the idea of the first two kill bills is fresh in the fans minds!!!!In 15 years he'll be catering to completely different generation.

      But thats just my opinion.

    4. jo jay said on 2004.10.19 at 09:34 pm

      Kill Bill3

      I kNOW! He better not wait 4 15 years! we all mite be gone by then! I WANT KILL BILL 3 NOW!

    5. Timothy said on 2005.02.10 at 11:28 pm

      kill bill 3

      I think it should be a kill bill 3 because it will show revenge goes on and on and I want to see some more action well I mean some more good action movies, so it should be made, the story was tight, the actors and actresses were tight please make it

    6. Daniel said on 2005.06.02 at 01:31 pm

      Hye. in my country, Argentina. you can find the soundtrack of kill bill with the preview of the trailer of the kill bill trilogy.
      There is a 3???
      by the way, there is a fight beetwen bill and a black men that not apears in any of the two fisrts volume (1 y 2)

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