1. President's News Conference

    brian on 2004.04.14
    at 12:43 am

    All I have to say about the President's news conference tonight is "Duck and weave." I'll also point to Craig Newmark, who asks similarly, "When does evasion and misrepresentation become outright lying?"

    Here's one paraphrased quote (morphed from several similar questions and similar answers) from the event...

    Q: Do you feel you have made any mistakes, before or after Sept. 11th?

    President Bush: Not that I can think of at the moment. Hindsight is great, but I wouldn't use any. And don't forget, there was mustard gas in Libya, in a turkey farm! And we weren't even looking there!

    And in closing, I'd like to add that this is only President Bush's third primetime news conference since taking office more than three years ago.

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