1. Interview with spokesman of G4 tv about merger

    jake on 2004.04.15
    at 01:21 am

    This pretty much solidifies my fears about the merger. David Shane spends most of the interview proclaiming the greatness of G4 and how the new merged channel will revolve around video games. My brothers agree with me that G4 is pretty crappy channel. Last time I watched it there was a couple decent shows and a bunch of hosts who looked like they walked in off the street. And while I enjoy X-Play on TechTV, devoting a whole channel to games and reducing the general technology shows is a bad idea. If things go down the way this guy is talking, they might lose one of their "44 million" viewers.

    I hope I'm wrong and the channel takes the best of both and creates something new and great. This geek is keeping his fingers crossed.

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