1. Comcast Takes NECN Down the Tubes

    brian on 2004.04.16
    at 02:43 pm

    Since moving to Boston, I have watched NECN for my morning news. When their owner was bought by Comcast, I was leery. I decided to keep watching until something happened to confirm my suspicions. That happened today. Below is my letter to NECN saying goodbye.

    I just finished watching your story on Comcast On-Demand. I am really, really disappointed. This isn't journalism, it's a flipping info-mercial for your owner. Your disclaimer at the beginning of the story was subtle to say the least. I had to use my TiVo to go back and see if it was even there. You even bashed on satellite providers, ("Their customers can't feedback, since the connection is one way" -- which isn't true, you have a phoneline connection to your provider) just like an actual Comcast advertisement. It's really sickening. You've lost all journalistic integrity, in my opinion.

    The only reason I watched NECN is because it's generally unhyped local news, plus I'm originally from Connecticut, so it's nice hear something about the rest of New England on top of the three murders in Boston today. Well, since your transfer to ownership by Comcast, my opinion is sliding. Basically, I was afraid of their influence on the content (that's THE reason I don't watch the CN8 channel), but until today, I found their influence minimal. Now it's gone too far, and I suppose its time to find a new local news source. Preferably one without Giant Glass commercials which make me scream and change the channel each time I see them. Someone should tell them their annoying commercials are sticking in potential customer minds, but when I needed glass work, I purposely *avoided* them, since they've made my mornings nearly unbearable with their "jingle."

    One last criticism, I hate that your show is taped and looped till noon. It should be live and change through the morning. But I guess that won't bother me anymore.

    One more lost viewer,


    Brookline, MA

    If you too are a disgruntled and now former viewer of NECN, they can be reached at

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