1. RSS Readers ruining it for the rest?

    jake on 2004.04.30
    at 01:27 pm has an article about how RSS could overwhelm the Internet's pipes. At frist I was frustrated cause it sounded one sided but they touched on the problems by the end.

    Mark Fletcher, chief executive of Bloglines, said he agrees that many desktop readers are broken.

    "Several clients default to polling every half hour, which on a per-user basis ends up generating a lot more traffic than if the user was just going to the website himself," he said. "A user generally doesn't go to the same website every 30 minutes looking for changes."

    That's exactly what I did at work. My boss noticed my reader was polling regulalry (even though it really wasn't that much) so he had me change it to every 2 hours for every feed I subscribe to. And as far as I know the 2 apps that I can't decide between only download if there are changes. (At home I use NetNewsWire).

    If everyone followed rules of etiquette and the readers were forced to not allow anything less than an hour between checks then it would help a lot with these problems. Mostly I think it's the check for changes thing though. Not the frequency of checks (within reason).

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