1. Interesting movies lost in limbo

    jake on 2004.05.10
    at 03:15 pm

    Kuro5hin has an interesting post about screenplays that were never made. Sometimes, when pondering the repetitiveness of Hollywood, I wonder how many movies are never made that have at least somewhat original plots.

    I thought the premise of Avatar was pretty good. Though as I sifted through it the original story had a few too many clichés. Like, man thrown into weird environment decides to stay behind because he find purpose and love in new environment. But overall I enjoyed it, and I wouldn't mind seeing some computer generated animals...

    The slinger's neck snaps forward, and its long, pointed head detaches, flying through the woods as a self-guiding venomous glider... a smart-dart. The hexapede senses the dart and bolts, bounding in evasive zigzags. The dart tracks it unerringly through the trees and buries itself in its flank. The hexapede staggers. It stands, its muscles spasming, then falls over. The dart starts emitting a series of high-pitched squeals, which allow the body to home in on it blindly. The neck bends down, and is rejoined to the dart. Josh catches a glimpse of hair-like tendrils lacing together... some kind of neural interface. Then the slinger starts to rip the hexapede part.

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