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    jake on 2004.05.10
    at 03:53 pm

    Cory posted two articles from Strange Horizons. It is a web based magazine where they run user submitted stories. They have compiled lists of overly used plot lines. Stories We See Too Often and Horror Stories We See Too Often

    The only problem I have with the lists is in the horror list, under "Serial killer or vampire stalks and slays victim(s)." we find "d. The serial killer was abused as a child." This is based in reality, so a fiction piece about a serial killer would more often than not revolve around chile abuse. It is not always one of the causes, but it does occur regularly. I did a paper in college where I pointed out links of a handful of higher profile serial killers and their history of being abused. Here's Henry Lee Lucas,

    When little Henry sliced an eye while playing with a knife with his brother, his bootlegging, prostitute mother -- Viola Lucas -- left his gashed orb unattended for days until it eventually withered and had to be removed by a doctor. Once mom beat him so severely with a piece of wood that he lay in a semi-conscious state for three days before Viola's boyfriend decide to take him to a local hospital. Another time, she cruelly decided to send Hank to school in a dress and with his hair curled.

    There is some question as to whether Lucas actually committed the numerous murders he confessed to, but let's just say he wasn't very well adjusted either way. Unless the writer wants to stray from reality, abuse makes sense.

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