1. 'Passion' points out flaw in corporate theory

    jake on 2004.05.12
    at 05:42 pm

    Finding Nemo DVDWell here's some proof for you. According to Reuters, recently Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" has been top of the heap for piracy on P2P networks. As was pointed out in a study a little while ago, P2P piracy does not have a direct correlation to sales of the product being pirated.

    The Reuters article points out the two most downloaded films of the past year.

    A company spokesman said the Pixar and Walt Disney Company animated flick "Finding Nemo" and the little-known Miramax "Shaolin Soccer" are the most pirated films online over the past year.

    Umm... well Shaolin Soccer was only just released in select cities in the US. I know I saw an add for it "coming soon" over a year ago. So how were we supposed to pay to see it? And Finding Nemo broke the record for DVD sales when it was released. I can imagine "The Passion" doing something similar. Anyone else see a problem here?

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